Being Alone Together

A Particular Act had its opening event on July 11th of 2016. Four students from The Royal College of Art’s Performance Pathway performed, 

Whisky Chow

Luca Bosani

Alice Jacobs

Fritz Faust

The evening, for the artists was an opportunity to explore their work individually but with the awareness of that the intimate proximity of their colleague’s work may affect and alternate their piece’s course, hence their methodology was ‘Being Alone Together’.

As A Particular Act’s space is already a fairly intimate place this methodology was suiting to the environment and though the line-up was loosely set, it changed throughout the night so the performances could be seen in most appropriate way possible for their individual needs without infringing on anyone else work.

It was a really successful evening of wonderfully thought-provoking works, the way the audience, navigated and inter-weaved through the multiple performances and through the intimate space became a performative piece in its own right. 

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